Book Review of That Old Black Magic (Silhouette Romance, No 842)

That Old Black Magic (Silhouette Romance, No 842)
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According to legend, there was only one way for Nic Delarue to end the infamous LeBeau curse on his family: marry a LeBeau- specifically Jerralee LaBeau. But headstrong, outrageously unconventional Jerralee was the last woman in New Orleans Nic would ever dream of choosing for his mate...until he suddenly found himself inexplicably, irresistibly attracted to her!
Jerralee's eccentric, well-meaning clan had been trying to marry her off for ages. Jerralee, however had no intention of tying the knot with the man whose relatives had cheated the LeBeaus out of their rightful inheritance all those years ago. But that was before she fell beneath Nic's sensual spell...and lost her heart to the most tender, romantic man in the Bayous.