Book Review of The Modigliani Scandal

The Modigliani Scandal
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I am a huge fan of Ken Follett's, but this is not one of his best. Written in 1976, it was one of his first books. It is about the world of art, especially fake masterpieces. It is a short book - 256 pages in a small paperback and I read it in less than 1 week. Still, I could not keep up with all the characters involved. There were so many, that I lost track of them about 2/3 through. I read some parts twice, but finally gave up and just finished the book. I have to admit that I lost interest in who had the originals and who had the fakes towards the end and didn't even understand how the people who ended up with the real Modigliani ended up getting it! I don't recommend this book, but if you are a real Follett fan, you will probably read it anyway. Sorry Ken!!!