Book Review of Frontier Woman (Sisters of the Lone Star, Bk 1)

Frontier Woman (Sisters of the Lone Star, Bk 1)
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FRONTIER WOMAN, the beginning of the Sisters of the Lone Star, was a disappointment; Cricket seemed beyond wild! Frankly, I had a problem understanding why Jarrett Creed would put up with such bizarre behavior.

At first, I was impressed with Jarretts compassion and understanding of Cricket. By ¾ of the book, however, I wondered about his sanity.

However, the whole Comanche raiding party scene (plus Cricket and Amy), was beyond the pale! It happened because of Crickets complete abandonment of logical behavior. At least Tom had the sense to blame her; however, Cricket was up to her old tricks before long. (If it had been me, I would have gone to my grave regretting my stupidity that harmed an innocent person.)

I could understand Rip Stewart raising his 3 daughters with the survival skills of men. I also understood the girls lack of feminine behaviors, since their mother was deceased. However, there seem to be no sense of self-control in either Sloan or Cricket. I found little to admire in either woman.

Ive enjoyed other books by Joan Johnston; this one left me unsettled. It seemed as if every plot device had been used in this story, the whole thing seemed over-blown and ponderous.

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