Book Review of Our Game

Our Game
Our Game
Author: John Le Carre
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Book Type: Paperback
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It is the early post-Cold War era. Tim Cranmer, our protagonist, is another retired spook in Le Carrés world of retired spies. In this case he is forced into retirement with dignitya dignity that of a sudden becomes questionable when he is suddenly the subject of a police probe into money laundering and filtering her majestys filthy lucre into channels that are allegedly favorable to his our interests. Quite a conundrum, as he is quite innocent! So begins his search for one of his former operativesa friend who, it seems, must be at the center of his dilemma. All of the secret-service agent stuff is here, all the interrogations, all of the loose paper trails, all of the innuendo, as well as all of the ennui associated with being a good undercover agent, or investigator. Somewhere in the middle, the book seemed, to me, to drag on; but then it picked up the pace again, until near the end as he gets close on his friends (the operative) trail. Many readers may not be satisfied with the cliff-hanger ending though; one must interpolate the end for ones self.