Book Review of Abandoned: Book Two of Running in Fear (Volume 2)

Abandoned: Book Two of Running in Fear (Volume 2)
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I can justify the 3 ð rating.... It torn me up with all the crap Jaycee has to deal with from not only her mates but also her father. They lied, snunk around and did things that she didn't know but They C.H.E.A.T.E.D. even through their cocks can't get hard for other women but I only for their mates and bonds partner they still touched and screwed with women in their home when Jaycee was waiting for them all night and waking up in early morning and finding her three mates, Dane watching two women pleasure themselves and watching Remi nailing his bond partner and her other mate Mark. Not to mention earlier at her Montana cabin her mates hand touching other women. I can't stand cheating and the hurt they spew at Jaycee and trucking her into getting pregnant, she ran. All she wants is them to fully know her, her feelings, her likes and dreams and she wants to know all about them in return. Instead they more interested in knocking her up to tame her or runting all the time. Nothing else.

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