Book Review of A Divine Revelation of Hell

A Divine Revelation of Hell
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A poorly written, overwraught depiction of hell by a fundamentalist women. She claims its a true story, and that Jesus took her there. I have to wonder how much money she has made off her story. If she wants to save souls so bad, why not give the book away? Or just have people pay just postage to get it mailed to them, or even just pay the cost of the printing? Why not share it online? Why sell it at a profit and make money?

And why would anyone really want to be a member of a religion where the diety you supposedly worship burns people in fire for eternity if they don't measure up? Hitler burned people in ovens, but the loving God of Christ does it for eternity? Fundamentalists mystify me. There is plenty to be afraid of in the real world without agonizing over fairy tales that have no proof behind them.