Book Review of The Black Swan

The Black Swan
The Black Swan
Author: Philippa Carr
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Author is Philippa Carr, aka Victoria Holt. From the rear cover: "Has she sent the wrong man to the gallows? Or has a killer's ghost come back to haunt her? Only Lucie Lansdon could identify the man who had murdered her father. Justice was served by his execution, but nightmares of that evil face continue to haunt her. In torment, she turns to her fiance, Joel Greenham--only to lose him suddenly, under mysterious circumstances.
Yet the idyllic French countryside and loving arms of her new friends, Roland Fitzgerald and his sister, Phillida, ease the pain, and she embarks on a promising new life as Roland's wife. But when they return to England, Lucie discovers the past, too, has returned. There, outside her window, her father's murderer appears, threatening her sanity--and her life..."