Book Review of This Book Is Not Good For You (Secret, Bk 3)

This Book Is Not Good For You (Secret, Bk 3)
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Cass, Max-Ernest, and Yo-Yogi are in the middle of another mystery.

Señor Hugo, great chocolate experimenter, Dr. L, and Ms. Mauvais are holding Cass' mom captive. The ransom: the legendary Tuning Fork, an instrument that can turn any food or drink into whatever the owner wishes.

Now, Cass and her friends will have to battle deadly sweets, crazy puzzles, and other sinister things in order to defeat Hugo and get her mother back. Where is the great Tuning Fork? Can Cass and her friends stop Hugo from achieving his evil desires?

A fun, action-packed adventure for reluctant readers, the puzzles are especially fun to solve. The humorous chocolate facts and puns are entertaining. The characters are well-developed, and the plot is fun and uniquely crafted. Those who like action, adventure, and mystery stories will truly enjoy reading THIS BOOK IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU.