Book Review of Absolute Power

Absolute Power
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This book was Baldacci's debut novel and I loved it! I'm so glad I finally read it because it was so much better than the movie. In the movie they changed some of the details and leave out a big character. I did like some of the changes since Clint Eastwood played Luther and it made sense with him. It didn't have that thriller aspect like the book did though.

Jack, who was a public defender but recently got a new job in a big law firm with a chance at becoming a partner. He is engaged to the daughter of a billionaire and his life seems to be going really well. He can't stop thinking about Kate though. He and Kate were engaged to be married but she couldn't accept that he liked her dad, who was a thief. She also couldn't deal with the fact that he defended criminals when he was a public defender. Kate became a prosecutor and came down hard on people like her father. She wouldn't have anything to do with him anymore since he ruined their family and she also cancelled her engagement with Jack.

When Luther breaks into a mansion everything is going great until someone else comes in. He has to hide in the vault hidden behind a mirror and wait until they were gone. That's when he realizes the mirror is a one way mirror and he can see everything in the room. He watches as the lady of the house is brutalized and murdered and then the scene is cleaned up to remove all traces of who had been there. One thing was missed though and Luther saw it fall. As soon as they left he came out and grabbed it and escaped through a window. They soon realized what was missing and went back to find it but instead found it gone and a rope hanging out the window. Luther knew he had to run for his life. He got out of there and quickly left the country. He knew no one would believe him if he went to the police with what he knew. No one would believe who killed her. He finally decided he had to go back and try to get justice but he knew it could mean losing his life.