Book Review of Peterson's I Went to College for This?: True Stuff About Life in the Business World and How to Make Your Way Through It

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The World's First Field Guide to the Strange Life on Planet Business

Hey you, yeah you with the college diploma. Welcome to Planet Business!

Starting you first job can feel a lot like steppping off a plane into a foreign country. The language - bizspeak - is different. The natives - people in power suits, churning out memos, tripping on office politics, "implementing" this and "processing" that - are unfamiliar. And the terrain is uncharted - or has been traversed differently by different people. So what do you do? Read "I Went to College for This?" -- the first book that tells you what's up on Planet Business.

Yes, you too can figure out your boss, sound smart at meetings, and understand alien life-forms, such as clients and coworkers. Corporate culture? It's nailed in here. What to do when you first arrive? Got it. How to check out the power structure, and claw your way to the top of the megabuck good life? Sure, if you want.

Just open up these pages to get a taste of the straight stuff on working in the office. And welcome to your new life!