Book Review of Sacre Bleu: A Comedy of Art

Sacre Bleu: A Comedy of Art
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Purchased this jewel the day it came out...Those Twihards ain't got nothing on nothing on me...I pitched a tent in front of Books A Million, put on my ugliest sweats and beanie hat, and tinkled in an orange juice container for...Oh, I don't know...20 minutes...:) Anyways, this is another fine piece of work from the WAY overrated *Totally kidding* Christopher Moore...This is not a laugh a minute like most of his novels but a book that will actually teach you while entertaining you...I'm not big into art but after reading and learning of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec I had to research more...Lautrec plays a prominent role in the novel and he is hilarious...I have a feeling that he would have been much like Moore portrayed him in real life...The research that Moore put into this work of fiction is amazing...Well worth picking it up and giving it a good read...Like another reader has stated I am now in a slump waiting for Moore to release another book...Too bad the guy has to sleep and eat and stuff...He should write 24/7 with breaks only to use the facilities...:)