Book Review of The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Bk 1)

The Name of the Wind (Kingkiller Chronicles, Bk 1)
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A mere 2 hours or so after finishing this novel I picked it up and started reading it again. Now why in the world would I do this? I asked myself that question a few times and my answer is:

* It's damn good writing.
The language Rothfuss uses is beautiful, absolutely beautiful. I found myself rereading sections simply because they were so delightfully and beautifully written. He has a poetical turn of phrase, and there are passages that simply sing.

* But it's also a riveting story.
The story pulled me in, immersing me in Kvothe's world so much that I half expected to see the scrael scuttling through my backyard (a truly terrifying thought for anyone who hates spiders as passionately as I do).

* And the characters are absolutely believable.
Kvothe is a living and breathing character who practically leaps off the page--unruly red hair and eyes bright green like new growth grass. He is absolutely believable, especially to anyone who remembers being a boy and the awkwardness that comes with growing up.

I guess that's three answers.