Book Review of Miracle at Midway

Miracle at Midway
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Having read numerous books on the Battle of Midway (WW II), I wondered how this one would differ, if it in fact did.

I was pleasantly surprised with a well written and entertaining book that offered a much different perspective on the battle, with more time spent on the reasons for the decisions made than on the action themselves.

The authors also went into more depth on the reasons for the U.S. success, and expanded these reasons far beyond the simplistic ones often offered in books about this battle.

The character development (Yet, this is not a novel) of the major and many mid-level officers is greatly expanded, and, in many cases, reveals tragic flaws in some men who are often portrayed as faultless.

I highly recommend this book to those interested in this battle. You may not always agree with the authors' finding, but they deserve a hearing.