Book Review of Accidentally In Love With... A God? (Accidentally Yours, Bk 1)

Accidentally In Love With... A God? (Accidentally Yours, Bk 1)
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This was a great and very funny at times story. Emma has a constant companion all her life, only she can hear him, he has been in her head since she remembered. She is out looking to a hot guy she can have a normal time with and try to get Guy out of her head, even for a little bit but no such luck. Until she steps in front of a moving cab in the streets of New York. For a month she been in a coma and when she wakes up Guy is there and sweet talking her into about getting him out of her head and into his body. Guy had been trapped in a cenote (sinkhole) for over 70 years. Emma finds the sinkhole that his body is in but she had been having bad luck through her journey through Mexico that would cost her life. Once she frees Guy she will find out what Guy (Voltan God of Death & War) is really like and she has to find ways to make her point to get what she wants but is deterred buy Guy buy his warriors that are there to protect her but there are always traitors around and they can be like a real friend.