Book Review of The First Counsel

The First Counsel
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Each step seemed logical and even right at the time, but--- young lawyer Michael Garrick gets in over his head...
Tricky plotting, many surprises.

From back cover: John F. Kennedy, Jr., was Lark. Amy Carter was Dynamo. Chelsea Clinton was Energy. Now meet Shadow. Shadow is the Secret Service code name for First Daughter Nora Hartson. And when White House lawyer Michael Garrick begins dating the irresistible Nora, he's instantly spellbound, just like everyone else in her world. Then, late one night, the two witness something they were never meant to see. Now, in a world where everyone watches your every move, Michael is suddenly ensnared in someone's secret agenda. Trusting no one, not even Nora, he finds himself fighting for his innocence--and ultimately, his life.

Brat Meltzer's runaway bestseller takes us down the rabbit hole of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and paints a riveting picture of a danger only one man will ever know... What it's like to fall in love with the world's most powerful daughter.