Book Review of Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage

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I would have loved to give this book a "5" star, but it isn't worthy of it. I felt it was a rush job as part of their various "projects" to raise money for their huge family.

Having said that, I was pleased with the honesty. I lost respect for Kody when, in the last season= he said he had not one ioda of sexual feelings for Christine from day l = because on one of their dates she had eaten an entire order of something or other. Christine is MY FAVORITE and my heart bleeds for her - how insensitive, and when they are having problems to the point of seeing a marriage counselor, he stops their yearly birthday party for Joseph Smith, which was an important event for Christine dating back to her childhood, and, according to the show, stopped when Robyn was added to the family.

The wives all tell their own story, and I was pleased that they were honest, and didn't try to sugar-coat the reality. I am sure it took courage to "come out of the closet" so to speak to open up their lifestyle - but I wish they were more honest and open with their true religious belief. They white-wash the religious facts of their religion, even in the book. I think if they are going to "come out" they should be honest with WHY they are in this lifestyle - which is to make Kody a "God" in the celestrial kingdom - equal to The God Christians consider the one and only one. This was glossed over in the book, but is very clear in the book of Mormon, the Covenents and Pearls of Wisdom they abide by.

I am not sorry I read the book - I have learned to like the family through the TV show, but glad I borrowed it from the library. I do wish the family happiness, and believe in the USA they should be alowed to live how they choose