Book Review of My Side of the Mountain (Mountain, Bk 1)

My Side of the Mountain (Mountain, Bk 1)
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I couldn't really get interested in this book. Maybe it's because I'm from Alaska and get more than enough wilderness in my everyday life, maybe it's because I have no interest in the outdoors or wilderness survival, or possibly it's because the book is written from the standpoint of surviving in the wilderness of New York, so a good portion of the tactics would be useless here in Alaska (different plants, trees, and weather). Whatever it is, I had trouble making it all the way through the book. The story itself is really good, about a boy running away from home to live in the wilderness. If it had stuck more to that story, and had less instructions and manual-like content about exactly how to do specific tasks, I would have enjoyed it far more. So, a good story, but not my kind of book. It'd almost definitely appeal to pre-teen boys and outdoorsy girls though.