Book Review of The Witch's Quest (The Decadent Dames)

The Witch's Quest (The Decadent Dames)
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We have a cameos of CJ and his lady, TJ and Libby, Johnny and Kambriel, (their story took place before this one) Blade and his girlfriend Zen, Stryke (His book will come later) and besides Trouble causing trouble. Trouble is the reason why Kelyn didn't go after Valor years ago, cause Trouble made it sound to Kelvin that him and Valor were hooking up sexually when infact it was only Netflix and pizza nothing else. Kalyn pines for Valor for years but he dates humans but never fell for anyone but the witch of his dreams. That said most of the book Kalyn just calls Valor âwitch' and once or twice by her real name until they start having feelings after their edge of their cliffside nakedness, then he starts being better-ish. Their hunt for ingredients takes them to the Pink Lake in Australia, Irish Sea in Wales, the archives in Paris and find out the spell Valor has isn't even the full instructions, CJ helped get their items in order for a perfect spell to perform. Then their travels bring them home to face the compete circle of where it all started/ altered for some. It was a wild adventure and towards the end it didn't look like Kalyn would stay or be faithful to his loved ones but he was forced back to.........