Book Review of Wicked Angel

Wicked Angel
Wicked Angel
Author: Shirl Henke
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Alex Blackthorne is sent from America to England by his parents to visit his mother's aristocratic family and tame his roguish behavior. There he meets Jocelyn Woodbridge, preacher's daughter, and the two become friends. Though Joss is in love with Alex, he fails to see the woman behind the drab clothing, and he continues on with his wild ways, bewitching English women with his American Indian heritage.
Circumstances lead Alex to marry Joss to form a union in name only. Alex finds difficulty in keeping to the original terms of the bargain when he uncovers the beautiful woman that he has married. Their marriage must endure further tests as they return to America, and Joss meets some of Alex's Indian relatives.

The depth of these two main characters makes this a very enjoyable read. Neither hero or heroine are perfect-both are very likeable, human characters with believable flaws. Though Joss' initial appearance is rather dowdy, Alex finds that he is attracted to her anyway and later discovers that it wasn't her beauty initially that drew him to her, but her compassionte character, a rare find in a genre where beauty is almost everything. Readers will definitely want to explore LOVE A REBEL...LOVE A ROGUE, the story of Alex's parents.