Book Review of Seasons of Magic

Seasons of Magic
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Helpful Score: 3

When I finally sat down to read this book, I just fell into this book and into love with it also. @:)

It is so simple and yet so complex at the same time! Simple in that any child who is interested in paganism will very quickly understand and feel a kinship with Erin as she learns about the cycles of life and nature, and about how she learns about herself and her relationships along the way. Complex in that any pagan adult will likely enjoy this book and see the underlying symbolism in how Erin is being taught about nature. I loved it because it reminded me of so many things I felt when I first discovered and learned about the Great Wheel of the Year and about how we all live it everyday in subtle ways. It was a lovely and yet powerful reminder of why I am a pagan and how very easy it is to connect back to that part of my life, of my spirituality. And that is another thing, Laurel writes this book in a very non-religious way, she writes spiritually in a way that any religion, even Christianity can understand. I really loved that.

I am very happy to have this book and to place it on my bookshelves with all of my more "hardcore" paganism books. I can easily see me reading this to, and eventually giving this to my niece someday if that is what she desires. And I know that I will have to buy myself another copy to replace that one when that happens because this book is really such a treasure. And one that I will be seeking to re-read when I am feeling out of touch and grumpy.