Book Review of Dark Water

Dark Water
Dark Water
Author: Sharon Sala
Genres: Romance, Substores
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Sarah Whitman left Marmet, Maine as a broken-hearted child. Her father, Franklin, had been accused of stealing a million dollars from the bank in which he worked and then disappeared. Soon afterward, not able to continue enduring the ridicule of the town, her mother committed suicide. Sarah then moves to New Orleans with her mother's best friend and she vows never to return. Twenty years later, when an armored car is robbed, and a teller is kidnapped, the assailant decides to ditch the car and hostage in Flagstaff Lake, only to die during this escapade. While divers try to retrieve his body, they find a chest holding the remains of Franklin Whitman. Sarah returns to Marmet to give her father a proper burial, to find his killer, and avenge her parents' deaths.

Tony DeMarco had come back to Marmet to lend his support to Sarah. Seems Franklin was young Tony's mentor and he feels obligated to help Sarah to pay his debt to her father. Sounds a little convoluted, but it was actually sweet. When he sees Sarah though, all thoughts of being a gallant gentleman escape as he falls head over heels in lust with her. When an attempt on Sarah's life fails, Tony realizes he feels more than lust and also understands that she's upset her father's killer with her vow to uncover the real thief and murderer.