Book Review of Piercing the Darkness

Piercing the Darkness
Piercing the Darkness
Author: Frank Peretti
Book Type: Paperback
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Sequel to "This Present Darkness". A frightening war with angels and demons over the human soul. Very good read, Frank Peretti will keep you on the edge of your seat, you will not want to put this one down. DG

From the back cover...
Destroyer had heard of the Captain of the angelic host, and knew of the humiliation at Ashton. But this time it would be different - this time they would be ready. They would strike where they coould do most damage; and the unity of those who claimed allegiance to the angels'cause.

It was an ambitious Plan, yet victory was certain once they had dealt with the that one pathetic mortal - Sally Roe. But Sally was proving elusive. Tired by years of spiritual deception, she was in search of something lost since childhood. Was it a dream, or could she really escape the futility, the despair, and that new sensation -guilt?

Like a living parable of modern humanity's search for meaning, Sally Roe's quest for inner peace exposes the most frightening war of all: the battle for the human soul.