Book Review of Cold Harbour (Dougal Munro and Jack Carter, Bk 2)

Cold Harbour (Dougal Munro and Jack Carter, Bk 2)
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May 1944. The eve of the Allied Invasion of Europe. When American OSS agent Craig Osbourne is taken aboard a german E-boat off the coast of Brittany, he thinks that his war - and possibly is life - are over. But the Lili Marlene is actually operated by the Royal Navy out of an ultrasecret base on the English coast. And it will soon be returning Osbourne - a highly trained assassin- to occupied France. There, he will help the beautiful twin sister of a dead British agent infiltrate a German High Command briefing on the defense of the Atlantic Wall. Nothing will prevent the coming Allied assult - but its success may well depend on the outcome of this mission... Seattle Post Intelliencer