Book Review of Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor, Bk 2)

Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor, Bk 2)
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Helpful Score: 8

A lovely book that lived up to its preview in Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor.

The story is about Lucy, an artist who has been burned one too many times by love, and Sam, a wine maker who grew up with two alcoholic parents and has a strong aversion to commitment. In classic Kleypas stye (which is why her series books are so terrific) we are treated to glimpses into the lives of past characters Maggie, Mark, Holly (the child), and Alex (star of next book). We also meet cousins Zoe and Justine who will both also have books of their own.

There is an element of magic to the story, but it doesn't drive the plot or even the resolution, in a way, it's more symbolic than significant to character development. I've read a couple complaints about the magic and also the "geeky" hero, and neither are particularly major elements of this story. Sam rarely talks like a geek and certainly doesn't live or look like a geek, if that is a stumbling block for you, it's insignificant.

What Rainshadow Road has in common with Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor, is the story arc is more tied to personal development and emotional growth rather than external factors with a significant peak/finale. While this book has that to a degree, it isn't explosive - a bit more quiet.

Another commonality, and significant difference from LK's other books is the lack of sensuality. In the 20 odd books I've read, LK always gives attention and detail to the love scene. This book has them, not doubt, but written rather differently. The scenes are relatively brief and sparse. A bit of a disappointment for this reader, but the book is still a winner.