Book Review of Need to Know (Sisterhood, Bk 28)

Need to Know (Sisterhood, Bk 28)
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I've read a few Fern Michaels book before, but this was the first I read of the Sisterhood series. It was pretty bad. Every male in the story, including the love interests of two of the main characters were shown as either liars, crooks, manipulators or incompetents only good for preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen. Much legal jargon thrown around (about 25% of it incorrectly). LOTS of product placement (cars, watches, briefcases, food items) meant to show how well off both the bad and good guys were.
Most mass market fiction is romantic and somewhat fantastical these days. I love stories that are written well enough so that the reader can imagine the story could happen, although not likely. This story, characters, situation, etc are so totally unlikely, and not particularly interesting or pleasant.
If this book is typical of the Sisterhood series, I really don't understand what the fuss is about.