Book Review of The Casual Quilter: 6 Stress-Free Projects

The Casual Quilter: 6 Stress-Free Projects
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Wrap yourself up in it. Snuggle under it. Spill on it, lie on it, play on it--but don't stress about it! With these trouble-free quilts, there's no worry about perfect points or stick-straight seams. The patterns are simple, the piecing is quick, the results are rewarding. Six patterns include instructions for at least four different sizes. Build your skills by mastering just one key technique per project, with tips to make the process easier. Beginners, take a "don't sweat it" approach with easy, confidence-building projects. Seasoned quilters, take a break to make a quilt just for fun! Learn the number-one rule of the Casual Quilter: "If you like it, it works."