Book Review of Cry Dance (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed, Bk 1)

Cry Dance (Emmett Parker and Anna Turnipseed, Bk 1)
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The printed review on the front cover states: "Tony Hillerman, watch your back." Well, Tony's dead now, but if he were alive, in my opinion he'd have no worries. His stories were much better than Mitchell's. At least from this, the first book in the series, I've read.

While an interesting story, Mitchell takes on too much. As opponents to the "good guys," he brings in corrupt American Indian police, the Mafia, Jamaican crime syndicates, and some FBI types he needs his hero to outshine. On top of all that, he brings in mystic Indian 'warriors' who are still fighting the "Long Knives."

Hillerman's stories are better with less.