Book Review of The Hunt (Predator, Bk 2)

The Hunt (Predator, Bk 2)
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The Hunt by Allison Brennan is the second in her debut series. This is a story of one resilient woman and her drive to survive. Miranda was kidnapped, brutally raped and then hunted like an animal by her rapist. Miranda did the one thing that her predator didnt expect; she outran him and beat him at his own game. He was nicknamed the Bozeman Butcher and about every three years he hunts women. Unfortunately the police are always a few steps behind the Butcher and they cant find the lost women before he hunts them.

Miranda learned to trust and to love men again from Quincy Peterson, an FBI agent who worked her case. They could have been great together, but Quinn did something that Miranda could never forgive. He betrayed the trust that she had placed in him.

Quinn is back and more than anything he wants to catch the Butcher. He wants to make him pay for everything that he did to Miranda while she was his captive. Ten years ago, he did what he thought was best and he let the love of his life walk out of it. Now he has two goals in mind: first and foremost, capturing the Butcher, and winning back Mirandas heart and trust.