Book Review of The battle for peace

The battle for peace
The battle for peace
Author: Ezer Weizman
Genre: History
Book Type: Unknown Binding
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From the dust jacket: "This is the story of a miracle-how one dynamic, persuasive man with a vison, Ezer Weizman, Israel's former Minister of Defense, became a pivotal figure in the elusive search for Mideast peace. Only he could have written this highly personal, revealing account of what happened behing closed doors as mortal enemies were struggling to overcome thirty years of bitter hatred in face-to-face encouters that electrified the world.
Originally General Weizman shared Menachem Begin's hawkishness on the territories occupied by Israel after the Six Day War. But, as the peace process unfolded, Ezer Weizman became an eager advocate of reasonable concessions and compromise. For sixteen months, Weizman, Anwar Sadat, Begin, Jimmy Carter, Moshe Dayan and Cyrus Vance engaged in intense negotiations. And as the process accelerated, one startling development was the very special relationship that grew between Sadat and Weizman, a shared affeciton and respect that was both crucial and fascinating.
When the Egyptian president confronted Ezer and promised 'No more war!', the challenge provoked Weizman and the Israelis to hurl themselves into peace as fiercely as they had waged war. Day and night Weizman worked, openly and secretly, participaing in the mercurial ebb and flow, witnessing the birth pangs of the peace treaty until it finally came into being in March of 1979.
The 'battle for peace' had its moments of tremendous suspense, drama and even humor. Weizman's candor and perception illuminate the personalities that changed the course of history. His book is both a moving personal testament and an important document of contemporary global politics."