Book Review of The Rescue (English Garden, Bk 2)

The Rescue (English Garden, Bk 2)
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This book introduces the characters of Anne Gardiner and Robert Weston quickly, and gives them the impetus to fall in love: Gardiner's senile father forces them to marry (at swordpoint, no less!) when he rescues her from falling off a ladder and misinterprets their circumstances.

That a senile old man with a sword is allowed to wander England without supervision is ludicrous enough, but then we're expected to believe that Weston really is rescuing Anne from a life of poverty. There is one cute scene that follows near the end, where Anne is dressing and Weston watches her from a mirror--that scene had wit and charm. Only if the rest of the book were so fortunate. This series is dull at best and tediously boring and overly preachy at worst. Find another of Wick's books to read.