Book Review of The Auschwitz Escape

The Auschwitz Escape
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Rosenberg's first historical fiction hits a home run

While there are naysayers claiming that the Holocaust never happened, Rosenberg read, researched, and traveled to the remains of Auschwitz to gather information. The result is a story about what one of the better experiences at Auschwitz might have looked like. The book does contain a lot of information about Jews and their customs - but new words or phrases are used contextually so no one should be left scratching their head. In spite of the natural focus on the Jews, Rosenberg doesn't leave out the Righteous Gentiles, political prisoners, and others the Nazis hated. With each chapter only being a few pages, the book doesn't seem as thick when reading compared to the thickness of the binding.

Rosenberg contains a list of recommended reading for further understanding about what actually happened, and he includes a note to let the reader know when he tweaked the historical timeline for his book.

This is first class historical fiction. Definitely recommended reading.