Book Review of The Codex (Codex, Bk 01)

The Codex (Codex, Bk 01)
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"The Codex" is a pretty typical jungle/treasure adventure. However, Doug Preston throws in enough twists and suprises to make it a good read.
Three brothers embark on independent journeys to recover their recently departed father's hidden treasure. Disasters and treachery result in the brothers working together to find the treasure before the bad guys.
The story twists and turns through betrayals,double crosses,love affairs,battles and suprises leaveing the brothers with a fourth heretofore unknown member of the family, a fiance and a medical treasure beyond imagination.
I am a big fan of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child both individually and as a team. This is a solid handling of the story. Few authors could make this well-used storyline interesting enough to keep me reading till the end. The second half of the book gets more and more interesting and ends on a positive.
The chracters are well developed and the backstory is pretty cool. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys adventure, and especially to anyone who likes Preston and Child.