Book Review of Into the Wild (Warriors, Bk 1)

Into the Wild (Warriors, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 3

Into the Wild kicks off the Warriors series. I read this book because all my friends were talking about it and I was not disappointed. The story is very interesting and once you get used the the lingo (moons, gatherings, -kit -paw -star etc.), the detailed world building really helps you to get into the story.

To be fair, there are three caveats I must mention. First, the writing is not the best in the world, with mostly minor flaws. (trying way to hard to avoid the word "said", repeating words too many times) The writing improves as the series goes on and there are no major problems. Second, as another reviewer said, the series is quite violent and might not be best for young or sensitive children. Finally, there is a LOT of characters. For some people this is a problem, though for others it just means more characters to love. There is a character list in the front.

All and all, Into the Wild is a must read for any kid 9 or 10 and up who wants an exiting adventure story that is easy to get into and provides lots to talk about and a whole series to read.