Book Review of O Jerusalem (Mary Russell, Bk 5)

O Jerusalem (Mary Russell, Bk 5)
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In many ways, this is the best book in the series so far. Right from the beginning, the action and intrigue is constant. It also seems less wordy than some of the others.

Although the fifth novel in this series, the plot in this book actually takes place about two-thirds of the way through the first book. "O Jerusalem" actually covers what Holmes and Russell did when they had to flee England or risk death from their then unknown adversary.

However, the ending in "O Jerusalem" seems incomplete, in that the author left out, or I missed, the motive for the criminal mastermind's destructive plot. Perhaps I'll find out in the next book.

And in "O Jerusalem", Russell begins to experience some feelings toward Holmes which seemed to be absent in the first book, but which now helps explain their eventual romantic relationship. Perhaps, the author either noticed this later or was asked how the jump between "apprentice" and "lover" occurred, and this was her answer.