Book Review of America (Jake Grafton, Bk 9) (Audio CD) (Abridged)

America (Jake Grafton, Bk 9) (Audio CD) (Abridged)
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The America, our newest, high-tech, nuclear submarine carrying her crew and a full arsenal of weapons is being launched for her maiden voyage. But before she evens get out of port waters, she is hijacked by armed men from a tugboat leading her to sea. Killing more than half of her crew, launching missiles at Washington, DC and New York City, Admire Jake Grafton is called to duty to find out where the sub is, who is behind the hijacking, and how to stop them.

I was expecting an action book more along the lines of The Hunt for Red October, which I love. However, this book falls so short, I just couldn't take it anymore and halfway through the final disk, I stopped listening, not giving a crap if the hijackers get caught or what happens to the submarine. The story jumps around from person to person without any lead up to it and I found myself thinking, "Wait. What just happened and where in the world are we now?!" I got confused and lost several times with all of the multiple characters and, to this day, am still not sure what role they were to the plot. And finally, Jake Grafton, who is supposed to be our hero and solve everything, seems to be just wandering around, not really doing much at all.

Long story short, if you love action and submarine stories, you'll want to sail right past this one.