Book Review of Forest Mage (Soldier Son Trilogy, Bk 2)

Forest Mage (Soldier Son Trilogy, Bk 2)
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Helpful Score: 4

Nevare has the life he's always dreamed of lined up for him and ready to go. He's handsome and strong, he's in the academy to become an officer in the cavalry, he has a family that's proud of him and he has a beautiful young lady waiting to become his wife. But then, as this book, the second in a trilogy, opens, his entire life begins to slowly unravel and turn inside out. This is an interesting story filled with characters I could easily empathize with, but I think at over 700 dense pages it was just too long for its own good. Most of the action in this story takes place within Nevare's mind as battles of will power and trips into the dream world. It's a powerful cautionary tale of the evils of intolerance with a heart wrenching ending that makes me want to read the final book in this trilogy no matter how much slogging I had to do to get through the first two. If you didn't enjoy the first book in this trilogy, you probably won't enjoy this one either. This one is even slower but much deeper.