Book Review of Dangerous Lover (Dangerous, Bk 1)

Dangerous Lover (Dangerous, Bk 1)
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Helpful Score: 5

I really wanted like the book but I have 2 problems/complaint with this book:

1. All H/H seems to do is have sex and not really anything else is going on between these two. Even when heroin is telling the hero about her life, they are having sex while she is talking. And the hero never really open up to the heroin so I found it hard to believe that the heroin fell in love with somebody who she really knew nothing about. I really felt that there was really no real love but only lust between them.
2. The ending came out of no where. I felt like there were many loose ends that were left behind without letting the readers know what happened. I wish the author would have at least given us a epilogue to see what happened.

Overall, the book could have been better if the author put more storyline and less sex to it.