Book Review of Boxed In (Annie's Attic, Bk 8)

Boxed In (Annie's Attic, Bk 8)

I thought this book was slow moving at first and the goofiness of Annie and Alice seemed uncharacteristically juvenile but more into the story it got more interesting. I looked up a lot of the details about the American Indians mentioned and found them to be true and not fiction. I enjoyed reading about Tomah Joseph and looking at pictures of his actual birch bark boxes. There are even some on ebay. The places they traveled to are also real places in Maine and I was surprised to realize that even Stony Point is a real place. I ended up liking this book more than most of the others because of these details but also because the story was different than the usual. The stories can seem very redundant, all starting with Annie finding something in the attic, but this one seemed different from the beginning.