Book Review of The Sorceress (Rose, Bk 2) (Harlequin Historicals, No 235)

The Sorceress (Rose, Bk 2) (Harlequin Historicals, No 235)
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Not bad. Author has an interesting writing style as it applies to the middle English speech of her characters. Basically a telling of the tale of the Melusine - woman with snake's tail who marries with the admonition that her husband may never watch her bathing or she'll leave - think a medieval version of the Daryl Hannah movie, Splash.


A Passion Ruled By Fate

Out of the mists of deep dreaming stepped Huges de Pontesse, a bold and brawny knight. Yet, by the arcane power burning in her breast, Sophie Mauclerc knew this warrior was more than a fantasy come alive. He was her destiny.

With her captivating violet gaze and talk of predestined love, Sophie was truly a bewitching creature. And Hughes suspected that the woman was half-mad. But what a fine and passionate madness indeed!