Book Review of Fractions, Ratios, and Percents (Middleschool Collection)

Fractions, Ratios, and Percents (Middleschool Collection)
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Wonderful teaching tool for homeschoolers, extra tutoring or a student who strives to learn "ahead of the game". Lesson format in 4 easy to follow sections: >Short introduction explains the concept; >Step-by-step process demonstrates how to work an example problem; >Short problem allows students to work on their own; >Full page of practice problems reinforces the concept.

Answer key w/explanations; Diagnostic assessment tool; Graphic organizers; Glossary, Correlation to NCTM standards. The student will: develop basic math skills; improve standardized test scores; build student competence, confidence, success. (Also a great tool for adults to refresh on fractions, ratios & percents!

I give this one a five star rating.