Book Review of Fallen (Fallen, Bk 1)

Fallen (Fallen, Bk 1)
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The first time I came across this book I was instantly mesmerized and had to have it. Within a week I was walking out of Wal-Mart with Fallen and a large grin. But like the dark story, mine was also dark. The first few chapters were interesting, but as I continued reading the book fell flat.

Lauren Kate had a great idea, the war of fallen angels, and a romance that has lasted through the ages. I devoured the thought, but sadly, her writing style made this a hard and unfeeling read. Every time I wanted to like the characters, or have emotion for them, it was like feeling for a brick wall.

In my opinion, I would have liked to see the story written in 1st person in the mind of the main character Luce.

I will read the second book, because I have high hopes for this author and for this story. On a final thought, I would suggest reading the book. The story is an intriguing one.