Book Review of Crescendo (Hush, Hush!, Bk 2)

Crescendo (Hush, Hush!, Bk 2)
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Oh Norawhat are we going to do with you? I really liked Nora in the first book. She was relatively smart, interesting, had some bad luck for sure, but overall I liked her. But its like somewhere along the way between the end of Hush Hush and the beginning of Crescendo, Nora read the Twilight series and she said to herself, Wow, that Bella Swan is amazing! I want to be like her!

So basically, Nora felt to me like a slightly less irritating version of Bella Swan. Like, when did her life become all about Patch and what hes doing, what hes thinking, why he doesnt say he loves her? I hated how she was all Oh I dont care about what Patch is doingwait, I want to be where Patch is going to be, how can I get there!

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