Book Review of No One You Know

No One You Know
No One You Know
Author: Michelle Richmond
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Book Type: Hardcover
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Ellie's sister Lila is murdered when she is in college and no one is ever blamed for the crime. Ellie becomes friends with a professor (Thorpe) and spends many an afternoon talking to him. This is the times she uses to deal with her grief. Unbeknownst to her, the professor keeps notes of their talks and eventually writes a book about the Murder by the Bay. Feeling exposed and disillusioned, she begins carve her own way in the world. But things are never the same without closure of who killed her sister.

Many years later, Ellie runs into her sisters old boyfriend. The boyfriend "accused" in Thorpe's book. They talk a bit, and before too long, Ellie is on her quest to get some answers. What really happened to Lila that evening in the woods?

I was actually disappointed with this novel. While the premise was good, it was overloaded with technical math and the science of growing coffee. The characters are real and the plot was good, I was just left feeling overwhelmed and unsatisfied.