Book Review of The Various

The Various
The Various
Author: Steve Augarde
Genre: Children's Books
Book Type: Hardcover
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Reviewed by Joan Stradling for

Twelve-year-old Midge has been sent to stay with her Uncle Brian at Mill Farm while her musician mother goes on tour.

Though she's not sure what to expect, Midge never dreamed of the adventures she'd encounter at the farm. She stumbles upon an injured winged horse in one of the outbuildings and helps the creature. She learns the horse lives in the Royal Wood. Unfortunately, Uncle Brian has decided to sell the woods and they are set to be plowed down.

Midge is led through the brambles and unkempt boundaries of the woods to share this dire news with the Various. While she'd heard stories of pixies and fairies, Midge never dreamed they existed and that she'd be drawn into their world. But things aren't always magical in the world of the Various and not everyone is happy to see her. Now the Various aren't the only ones in danger.

THE VARIOUS is a thrilling book told from several different points of view as we learn about the characters both human and of the Various. Though the story moved slowly in places, the idea and characters are intriguing enough to keep the reader enthralled as the story progresses to the fantastic and thrilling ending.

I enjoyed being introduced to THE VARIOUS and am looking forward to reading more about them and Augarde's other characters in CELANDINE, the second book in THE TOUCHSTONE TRILOGY.