Book Review of My Kitchen Wars

My Kitchen Wars
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A semi-interesting read. (Fussel has written some important works on actual FOOD; specifically 'Corn' and how dependant our country has become on it's myriad of uses, cited in Pollan's 'The Omnivor's Dilemma' - probably her best contribution.) I digress. Kitchen wars will surprise you. It's mostly a memoir that describes her unsatisfying and contentious marriage to an egomaniacle professor, (rivaling her own healthy EGO) always in competition with each other in a War of the Roses way...and the various sleezy, open (everything but penetration)orgies she and her husband would often participate in (kids asleep upstairs) as they all slunk to quiet corners after one of her dinner parties. This is one strange chick. Don't expect recipes or kitchen tips, LOL!