Book Review of Blue Lightning (Shetland Island, Bk 4)

Blue Lightning (Shetland Island, Bk 4)
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Another great book by Ann Cleeves. She never disappoints. I don´t know how she can keep coming up with great books.

Detective Jimmie Perez is taking his fiancé home to meet his parents on Fair Isle when a woman is found murdered. Jimmie is the only one there to investigate the murder and with a wild storm raging there is no way to get any help in. He has to do things the old fashioned way without his team and forensics. The woman murdered was a scientist working in the lighthouse that had been converted into a conservatory for studying birds. The door had been locked so the murdered had to be one of the people inside. Jimmie sets himself to the difficult task of interviewing everyone and gathering evidence on his own when he finds another woman murdered. Thankfully the weather lets up so he can get his team in to help with the case.

I have to say this one had a surprise ending. I felt it coming but I didn´t want to believe it. Now I can´t wait to see where Ann takes Jimmie Perez next.