Book Review of Pearl Cove (Donovan, Bk 3)

Pearl Cove (Donovan, Bk 3)
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Surrounded by potential enemies, Hannah McGarry faces the mystery of her husband's suspicious death, the prospect of bankruptcy and the disappearance of the fabulous Black Trinity necklace that was to be her financial secruity. Desperate, she calls Archer Donovan, a silent partner in Pearl Cove, her late husband's pearl farm venture, He might help her if the price is right.
Archer Donovan would rather forget he'd ever heard of Pearl Cove its memories of living on the dark side, the soul numbing certanity that there was no law, no justice, no mercy; just hunters and the hunted. That life taught him to trust no one but family. But when Hannah calls in an old debt Archer is back in the game. And at his side in pursuit of the stolen fortune is a woman he shouldn't want, yet cannot resist, a woman who may know more than she's telling about her husband's death and more than is safe to know about the dark and elusive black pearls.