Book Review of Always in My Dreams (Dennehy Sisters, Bk 4)

Always in My Dreams (Dennehy Sisters, Bk 4)
Always in My Dreams (Dennehy Sisters, Bk 4)
Author: Jo Goodman
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Of the stories in this series, this is my least-favorite. Skye doesnt want to return to college; she wants adventure. Her father, Jay Mac, sends her to investigate the situation with the invention he is supporting with his money. To do that, Skye must become the head housekeeper; this is no small trick for a pampered princess.

This story does not move to the West as the other Dennehy stories; Skye must be hired as the housekeeper in a mansion in New England. The spying moves along quickly; Skye is in the house only a week before she is fired.

She meets Walker Caine, the protector of the inventor Jonathan Parnell (the man Jay Mac wants Skye to study). Skye is soon attracted to a man she doesnt understand (Walker); however, Walker thinks Skye needs a keeper (shes reckless and impulsive). Caine also recognizes that he and Skye are very much alike.

Instead of a simple investigation, Skye finds herself in the middle of a dangerous situation. Don't let this review persuade you to pass on this series; as a whole, it is excellent.

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