Book Review of Station Eleven

Station Eleven
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Im not really into post-apocalyptic novels, but this one had everything to keep my interest going: a vivid setting, realistic characters, and a plot finely woven between pre- and post-pandemic times. I often imagine if I were in a show like Survivor, or a character in the Hunger games, if I would have what it takes to survive. I think I'd stand a good chance, but how would the experiences change me? Would I have a more cynical outlook in life? Would I be an all-or-nothing cut throat? The arrogant narcissist? The one, who despite all the hardships, remains unchanged? This book really made me stop and think about the type of person I would become if I were to survive a world sans technology, loved ones, media or social order of any kind. The underlying message here is that we are more resilient than we think because "survival is insufficient." But how we choose (or are forced) to survive and live our lives anew is a horse of a different color.