Book Review of Once In Paris (Hutton & Co, Bk 1)

Once In Paris (Hutton & Co, Bk 1)
Once In Paris (Hutton & Co, Bk 1)
Author: Diana Palmer
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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It was in Paris she first saw him. He was tall, handsome-utterly dangerous. Inexplicably drawn to him, Brianne pulled a grief-stricken Pierce back from the depths of despair. He was forever grateful, but he drew the line at seducing a woman half his age.

It was in Paris she fell in love. Although Pierce was strictly off-limets, Brianne could not imagine surrendering her inocence to anyone but him. Certainly not to her stepfather's corrupt business associate. Obessed with Brianne since their first meeting, this man would stop at nothing in his relentless pusuit of her, including masterminding a marriage to merge their powerful families. All seemed lost, until Pierce passionately saved Brianne's she had once saved his...